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Stressed and tired, Charlotte needs a break. Raising twins single-handedly often takes a toll that even a glass of wine can’t cure.

And when Charlotte is reunited with the gorgeous and captivating Callan McAidh— who showed her what true passion and pleasure really were years ago— Charlotte knows her life is about to be turned upside down once again.

But when Callan reveals the truth about himself, and about her past, Charlotte is catapulted into a world of danger and mystique. Now, it’s up to Charlotte to accept her destiny while holding on to the only man she’s ever loved. 

Charlotte soon learns that some legends have dark origins; some so dark it is impossible to evade their touch.

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There is truth to every legend. 

Adapting to her new role as princess of the Seelie court, Charlotte makes an official visit to the Un-Seelie court, home to the underworld rift. The Un-Seelie ruler, King Markus, is everything her new Fae family is not: reserved, dark, and secretive.

Once magicless, Charlotte is now brimming with power and in desperate need of training. The commanding Un-Seelie king manipulates her into wielding her magic, forcing her to fight past her doubts, and her gift with shadows and flame. 
But when Charlotte’s greatest fears come true, she must draw on all her new knowledge to fight for her world, and to piece together all that was lost.

Riftkeepers Fused, book five in the Riftkeepers Series.

The Fae are preparing for war.

After having her mind attacked, Charlotte is on the hunt for a magical artifact. With it, she hopes to track her assailant and reveal their identity. But items of power have been long whispered about, only to remain hidden in the eons of time.
With the threat of a magical war looming, Charlotte redoubles her efforts to master her blooming powers and find the Alexander Stone. 

With the Fae council against her, and her family and new friends willing to fight alongside her, Charlotte must do all she can to protect humanity. Fae, druid, and human must work together to prevent the destruction of the world.
But there are always casualties in war. 
Can Charlotte protect the people she loves by destroying an evil so dark it influences denizens of the underworld?

All she’s missing is the horns. 

Ferne turned her back on the impossible world of Faery princes and shapeshifting druids and returned to reality.
The madness followed, and now Ferne is changed forever.
Demons belong in the underworld, safely locked away from human kind. Now the King of that realm is calling for her to join him.
But Ferne isn’t entirely demon, and Dagda isn’t prepared to let her go. Unwilling to be the next Helen of Troy, Ferne complies with Fae law, but she’s determined to return to Dagda.
Even if she must fight her way past every demon in Hell to do it.

This story concludes the Riftkeepers Saga.