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A magical war.
Deadly allegiances.
Three hot guys searching for a savior.

Oz is not what it seemed.

According to Ella, great-grandma Dorothy’s stories are just that. Stories.

According to the strange guy in a suit waiting for her after work, Oz is a real place with real problems.
What’s more, Glinda the Good requests her presence, and no isn’t an acceptable answer.

Magically transported to the mystical land of Oz, Ella will learn there was far more to the tales she was told as a child.

Her family legacy goes beyond a property in Kansas.
Her great grandmother’s power has passed on to her, making Ella a key player in a war that’s raged for years.

But who can she trust? The Good Witch of the South? Her alluring Steward? Or will new allies be found along the way?

Going home isn’t an option, not when Ella learns the truth behind what happened in Oz all those years ago.
It’s a dangerous game, but with magical slippers, what could go wrong?

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A war that’s only just getting started.
Enemies and allies with hidden motives.
A complicated game where the stakes are higher than ever 

Ellana now has control of the Ruby Fortress and the power that comes with it. But two forces want her to take back the Quartz Tower. 
The real question is why?

With both witches pushing her to claim her right, Ellana is forced to go to the one place she'd rather avoid. 

Meeting more people of Oz along the way, Ella is forced to divulge her motives. And while her new friends appear to trust her, can she trust them, or are they working with her enemies to take her down?


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The gloves are off. 
The board is set.
The Witches of Oz are prepared to fight. 

It's a race to the city as Ellana, Fallon, and Nox work to keep their enemy from taking over. 

Has she done enough to prove her good intentions, or will the people of Oz rally to help her defeat the witch that has caused years of misery?

Lions, archers, and magical powers will combine.

But to what end?